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Our kits are essentially one or more lights with accessories added at a substantial discount.


Basic kits are our specialty 

Typically for each light there is a quality air-cushioned light stand and a shoot-through umbrella. Don't underestimate the usefulness of a shoot-through umbrella. They are almost as soft as a soft-box but cost far less and are infinitely easier to "put up"! 

Other retailers offer totally comprehensive, all you can eat, everything but the kitchen sink type kits and you have to wonder if you will use some of the pieces with any regularity or even at all. If you don't, then it detracts from the bargain you thought you were getting.

Customised kits are also our specialty 

You can take a basic kit and add the accessories you need with at least 10% discount. We can create a custom package for you and give you a rounded price. As well, once you buy one of our kits we will give you kit buyers discount on accessories for life!!!

And we negotiate...we love to negotiate...