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Jinbei 250WS Studio Lights

Jinbei DM-250 $169.00

Jinbei EC-250 $199.00

What great bang for your buck!!!

Both of these lights have metal body, Bowens mount, user replaceable flash tube, inbuilt slave cell and infinitely variable power from full to 1/16.

The light weight of the DM-250 (1.9kg) makes it ideal for use on a boom stand!

The DM-250 has a 100W non-proportional modelling light. Additional features of the EC-250 include Fan Cooling and 150W modelling light with proportional and full power modes. The EC-250 also extinguishes the modelling light while recycling and confirms readiness with a buzzer.


DM-250 EC-250
Flash Power  250Ws 250Ws
F-stop 52GN 52GN
Accessories             Bowens mount Bowens mount  
Output control range 1/16 - 1/1 infinitely variable 1/16 - 1/1 infinitely variable
Cooling Passive Fan
Recycling time  0.4 - 1.1s 0.4 - 1.1s
Flash duration   1/800 - 1/1200s 1/800 - 1/1200s
Color temperature 5200 5500 K   5200 5500 K
Modelling light 100W   150W
Modelling mode Off/On  Off/proportion/full
Output precision      0.01EV 0.01EV

Charging indication

LED, LED/buzz/modelling light
Trigger    PC Cord (supplied) or inbuilt slave receiver   PC Cord (supplied) or inbuilt slave receiver
Weight 1.9kg,  3Kg

Power equates to using f22 with a soft box or translucent umbrella 90cm from the subject. WS works in halves and doubles per f stop. To get one stop more exposure you would need to upgrade to a 500WS flash.