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Everything we sell is made in China. But then isn't almost everything, even quality European and Japanese equipment, actually made in China these days?

Without further arguments we can say 2 things: 

Firstly all our flash units use high quality European capacitors and high quality flash tubes from the USA. These are the main components that affect the quality of lighting. 

Secondly after selling hundreds of flash units over 2 years we had exactly 5 dead or partly dead units in our workshop. One was DOA. We haven't opened it up yet, it may be simple to fix. With another, the customer admitted dropping it from a height...but we replaced it for free anyway! The other 3 are all functional but have minor problems so we just use them in our own studio. Such a low fault rate makes us confident to offer 2 year warranty!  


Items in our Products section may not always be in stock. You can check availability by looking at current listings in our eBay store StudioGear-Australia or you can ask us via email, fax or phone.


We stock items such as spare flash tubes and modelling bulbs for all our flash units.


2 years unconditional no questions asked warranty is offered on almost all our products. Unless a fault is very minor such as a blown fuse or a loose wire, a faulty item will be replaced with a new item. If exactly the same item is not in stock you would be offered the choice of an equivalent model or complete cash refund.